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April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month - please help us raise awareness, reduce embarrassment and save lives by talking about testicular cancer with your friends.

How you can support Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

This April we are putting Testicular Cancer in the spotlight. All our amazing member charities will be raising awareness, delivering talks and providing support - but we need your help!


Please join us in Testicular Cancer Awareness Month and help us save lives by:


Together we can save lives - thank you.


Share our Testicular Cancer infographic

Share the image below with the men in your life to help raise awareness, reduce embarrassment and save lives. To download, simply right-click (or press and hold on mobile) or use the links below.

Social Media

Follow our Member Charities

Help us raise awareness by liking, commenting and sharing our life-saving Testicular Cancer information with your friends, family and colleagues!

Help Us Save Lives

If you'd like to know more about testicular cancer, or would like to raise awareness in your community, please contact our member charities directly to see how you can support them. Thank you.

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